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Large Scale Drupal at the University of Oregon

This was presented at the 2015 Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit.

Session Summary

If you manage multiple Drupal sites, you know how challenging designing and supporting your service can be. Aside from dealing with software updates, versioning, and release management, you have to respond to the needs of your clients. What happens when your hosting clients are developers?

This is the challenge we’ve taken on at the University of Oregon. In this session, we’ll discuss some of the difficulties we’ve faced and the solutions we’ve developed to meet the needs of siloed developers from around campus. Our solution uses Drupal resources from across campus to provide features like SSL, Shibboleth, Git hosting and more.

The Problem

At the UO we have struggled with decentralized staffing, duplication of efforts, fragmented infrastructure, lack of central resources/support and lack of institutional support. We have a continuous desire for modern solutions to keep up with the ever-changing needs of today’s students.

Our Solution

While we lack a strong, central authority to guide technology decisions, we benefit from a strong community of talented developers, most of whom are working with similar Web stacks (i.e. Drupal). Over the last few years, we’ve begun pooling our collective knowledge and resources to build a shared hosting environment based on Aegir.

What You’ll Learn

  • Advantages and disadvantages of central hosting.
  • Exposure to our process of deploying sites.
  • Tips for the care and feeding of developer communities.
  • How to balance developer experience with collective safety.

Intended Audience

Nonprofit, Higher Education, Government

  • Vid Rowan
  • Daniel Mundra
Session Track: DevOps + Performance
Experience level: Advanced